This might be the greatest video we’ve watched in months. On Tuesday night’s (Sept. 25) “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,” Fallon and the cast of “Guys With Kids”Anthony Anderson, Jesse Bradford and Zach Cregger — did a medley of TV theme songs from throughout the decades.

We totally agree with Fallon that it’s a shame that shows don’t really have great theme songs anymore (though there are a few shows on the air that have good ones, like “Community” and “Sons of Anarchy”).

Do you know them all? We’ve got “Jeffersons,” “All in the Family,” “Golden Girls,” “Friends,” “Fresh Prince,” “Facts of Life,” “Good Times,” “Greatest American Hero,” “Three’s Company,” “Full House,” “Saved by the Bell,” “Happy Days” and “Cheers.” We’ll confess, the instrumental one between “Three’s Company” and “Full House” has us wracking our brains — we recognize it, but can’t place it, so help us out in the comments if you know.

UPDATE: “Sanford and Son”! Thanks commenters. We’ve been singing that all morning trying to pull it out of our brain.

And if you like this sort of thing, Straight No Chaser does some excellent different TV medleys. Our favorite is below — “Perfect Strangers” FTW.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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