kimmel letterman 320 Jimmy Kimmel, David Letterman jab at Jay LenoJimmy Kimmel was a guest on “The Late Show with David Letterman” Tuesday night (March 16). Three guesses what they talked about.

The two late-night hosts rehashed Kimmel’s role in eating Jay Leno’s lunch in January, shortly after NBC announced it was moving Leno back to late night and Conan O’Brien was bumped from “The Tonight Show.”

Kimmel recounted how he had done an entire show as Leno — “It’s fun to be Jay; it’s easier,” he joked — and that his brutal takedown of Leno on “The Jay Leno Show” came as a result of that. He also noted that Leno didn’t call him afterward.

Watch clip for more jocularity about what Letterman calls “the Jay Leno scandal.”

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Jimmy Kimmel on ‘Jay Leno’: I fear the network will move my show to 10 o’clock’

Photo credit: CBS

Posted by:Rick Porter