jimmy kimmel abcmedia Jimmy Kimmel declares 'National UnFriend Day' on FacebookHeads up to all you Facebook addicts out there (ourselves included), Jimmy Kimmel is giving you a call to action- UnFriend your “friends.” Two weeks ago on his late night talk show, Jimmy declared Wednesday Nov. 17 “National UnFriend Day,” encouraging people to go through their friends list on FB and give the axe to all those people that, well, you really don’t care about. 

]]>“Remember five years ago when no one was on Facebook and you didn’t know what the guy you took high school biology with was having for lunch? Remember how that was … fine?” he jokes, “lets go back to that.”

Now, if you have say, 500 or more friends (guilty) how do you decide which ones make the cut? Jimmy has a suggestion for finding your TRUE friends — “Post a status update that says, ‘I’m moving this weekend and I need help.'”
There’s nothing sadder than a status update with no “likes” or “comments” and frankly, we’re scared to try it. Not that having 700 friends makes us popular per say (but it kinda does, right?) We are not about to post a status that could be potentially disastrous. What if nobody offers to help us move?!
So, before you get to unfriending, here are three simple questions to ask yourself before hitting that little blue “X” on your friends page:
1. Are they likely to notice if I unfriended them?
2. Do I care if they notice or are offended that I unfriended them?
3. Am I likely to see this person ever again in the near or distant future?
Now go get your mean girl on and lose some friends!