jimmy kimmel 320 Jimmy Kimmel, Mark Salling, Liz Tigelaar: TV Tweets of the past 24 hoursThe wild, weird and insane television tweets of the
past 24 hours…


Every now and then, something sorta newsworthy might slip in here
too… not often though)

Jimmy Kimmel clears a few things up, in case there was any confusion: @jimmykimmel: Babies are cuter
than kids, puppies are cuter than dogs, and profile pics are better
before you enlarge them. (dwarves are adorable ALWAYS)

Mark Salling puts his “Glee” costar
Cory Monteith on blast for his special day: @Mark_Salling:
Push it @frankenteen!!!!!! Oh it’s
birthday? Too freakin bad!!!:

“Life Unexpected”
creator Liz Tigelaar is catching up on her soaps while she awaits word
on a (fingers crossed) second season for her series: @liztigelaar:
Watching Days.
Very confused. Are Bo and Carly
broken up? And does Hope have multiple personality disorder a la Kim
circa 1992?

“The Big Bang Theory” co-creator Bill Prady read on the web that the pilot of his pal Shawn Ryan got the network thumbs up to go to series: @billprady: Congrats to @ShawnRyanTV on the pickup of
his series “Ride Along”!

Only problem? It wasn’t true. Since the green light hasn’t officially been given, Ryan decided to have some fun, tweeting his own fake “news”: @ShawnRyanTV: Congrats @BillPrady on the 12 year
pickup of Big Bang Theory!

@ShawnRyanTV: Congrats to @BillPrady on being named People Magazine’s Sexiest Man of
the Year!

@ShawnRyanTV: Congrats @BillPrady on #BigBangTheory about to sell for
millions in syndication! Oh shit, that one’s real. Next dinner’s on

“Castle” writer Jose Molina makes an honest mistake: @JoseMolinaTV:
Drove past
billboard. Thought it was Pantene ad. ‘Twas just Jake Gylenhaal as The
Prince Of Persia.

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