jimmy kimmel jay leno show 2 Jimmy Kimmel on Jay Leno on 'Oprah': 'He's a tattle tale.'UPDATE: Video of Kimmel is below.

Jimmy Kimmel fires back at Jay Leno after Leno’s appearance on “Oprah.”

On Thursday (Jan. 28), Jay Leno told Oprah that Jimmy Kimmel’s impersonation of him and subsequent jokes in the 10 @ 10 segment were “a sucker punch.”

Jimmy Kimmel took to his opening monologue to respond, starting with, “Excuse me if I look like I’ve been crying – it’s been an Oprah-whelming day for me.” It just gets better from there.

Kimmel goes on to tell his audience that following his impersonation of Jay Leno during the Jay Leno-Conan O’Brien late-night wars, Jay Leno called him the next day to say he thought the bit was funny and then Kimmel was asked to participate in Leno’s 10 @ 10 segment. Except the producers didn’t want to ask Kimmel any questions pertaining to the Leno-Conan debacle. So Kimmel took things into his own hands finding a way to make most of the questions about NBC’s mess.

“If I made any mistake, the mistake I made was thinking Jay would have anything other to say than what was written on the cue cards. I figured he’d get into it and mix it up. You know, at one time he was a comedian. But he just stood there, kind-of reading through the questions like a robot and then goes off and rats me out to Oprah.”

“That’s a sucker punch right there, he’s a tattle tale. Oprah and I had a wonderful relationship and now it’s ruined because of Jay. And by the way, watch out Oprah, don’t think he won’t take your show next. Anyway, I don’t know whether this attempt he made at damage control will work, but it is fair to listen to what he has to say.”

The entire monologue is pretty great. Have a look

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