Jimmy-kimmel-(UPDATED 5:45 PM) Are all talk show hosts workplace sexual predators?

Radaronline.com reports that Jimmy Kimmel got rid of his new

girlfriend Molly McNearney‘s boyfriend, who also worked on the show. 

UPDATE: But according to Lewis Kay, Jimmy's publicist, "We will not even dignify this ludicrous report with any sort of comment."

According to Radaronline.com, Jimmy, who had been attracted to Molly

for some time, got her boyfriend shoved off his show so he could hook up

with Molly.

 The source told RadarOnline.com: “The guy was totally

shocked because he had become good friends with Jimmy and had frequented

Kimmel’s NFL Sunday parties for his staff and friends at his Los Angeles home.

 ”Jimmy acted like a total snake no matter what way he tries

to spin it – just like Letterman he abused his power by promoting Molly, and

everyone knows it.”

Wow. Do you believe this? Doesn't sound Jimmy to us. Did Jimmy graduate from the David Letterman School of Dating? Or is this common, in and out of the office?

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