Late night host Jimmy Kimmel appeared on “Watch What Happens Live” Sunday (March 9) to kick off its special week-long stint in Austin for the SXSW festival. Watch as Kimmel dishes about his pizza party with Oprah, says he would take “The Tonight Show” if it was offered to him and manages to say three nice things about Jay Leno (kind of).

On Oprah coming to his house for pizza: “I’ve never been more nervous. You never realize how crappy your house is until Oprah is coming to it.”

Three nice things about Leno: “OK, alright. Uhhhhhh … great comedian. Car collector. Is that a nice thing or a fact? … Very successful.”

On “The Tonight Show” hosting gig: “It’s ‘The Tonight Show,’ it’s the original. It’s the classic, the gold standard by which all other talk shows are judged. David Letterman wanted to do ‘The Tonight Show,’ who am I to say I wouldn’t do ‘The Tonight Show’?”

On his “rivalry” with Jimmy Fallon: “It’s exciting … actually, Jimmy Fallon and I were talking about it. We liken ourselves — we’re probably overblowing our own gifts, but it’s like Magic Johnson and Larry Bird, it’s fun to play against each other.”

Kimmel is also asked about cameoing in the upcoming “Entourage” movie. He doesn’t say no, but he does say, “Not only have I never watched the show, I never watched the one I was on. … I’m not that interested in myself. Never saw it.”

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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