When Christmas presents are on the line, things can get ruthless. That’s the lesson learned from the third installment of “Lie Detective: Naughty or Nice Edition” on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” This time, Jimmy hooks up a little boy named Ira to his fake lie detector machine and the results are pretty funny.
Ira has no problem admitting some of the bad things he’s done this year, most of which are aimed at his brother, Iggy. Of course, those transgressions are all Iggy’s fault, so what does he have to hide? In fact, Ira doesn’t think Iggy deserves any presents from Santa Claus at all. He does want four all to himself, though.
Something else Ira comes clean about is picking his nose. While most kids who go through the lie detector say they don’t do it, Ira easily admits that it happens but he’s trying to stop. Mostly because his parents make him pay whenever they catch him doing it and pennies are hard to lose.
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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