J-K-Rowling.jpgJ.K. Rowling is spilling more details on her original plans for some “Harry Potter” characters. This time we’re getting info on Lupin and Hagrid.

While filming a conversation for the “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2” Blu-ray, Rowling reveals that she thought about killing off everyone’s favorite ginger, Ron Weasley, during a dark time in her life.

But wait. There’s more! And if you haven’t yet made your way through all of the Potter saga, be warned, there are spoilers ahead.

Rowling says that she knew the final chapters of the series would include three things. First, she knew Harry would walk willingly to his death. Second, he would be accompanied by the spirits of the dead. Third, Hagrid would carry Harry’s body out of the Forbidden Forest. Rowling tells Daniel Radcliffe during the interview that this third beat was supposed to mirror Hagrid carrying a baby Harry to the Dursley’s. She says that it stuck with her the whole time she wrote the books, and that if it hadn’t, Hagrid would have been a “natural” target and she would have killed him off.

Another shocker? Lupin wasn’t always going to die. Rowling was originally going to let him live to see his kid grow up. She says that “one of the most horrifying things about war is how it leaves children
fatherless and motherless.” The most powerful way she could dramatize
that idea, she says, was to kill a set of parents that were dear to
readers. “I had no intention of killing [Lupin]. But
then it dawned on me he had to die.”

She also reveals a back story for Professor McGonagall who apparently had a tragic affair with a Muggle and took a vow of celibacy. Some pretty major shockers here, no? It’s nice to know that even though the series and the films are done, there is still far more Potter info to learn.

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