joan collins shirley jones feud foursome Joan Collins and Shirley Jones: Feuding over foursome claim

Joan Collins is livid at Shirley Jones over an anecdote Jones shared in her book “Shirley Jones: A Memoir.” In it, Jones claims that she and her husband were invited to the home of Collins and Tony Newley for dinner in the last 1960s when Newley suggested they all get naked and watch porn together.

“It was clear what Tony was leading up to — swinging,” Jones writes in her book.

Well, the ’60s were a different time, but Collins is upset at the foursome insinuation. TMZ reports that Collins is accusing Jones of libel and claims the tale isn’t true. She’s even going as far as to send Jones a cease and desist letter that demands “Shirley Jones: A Memoir” be taken out of stores. TMZ says Jones isn’t backing down because “the story is true and she’s standing by it.”

This is definitely a tale for these Hollywood icons to tell their grandchildren.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz