Heather Locklear
is making a long-awaited reappearance on the new “Melrose Place” in a few weeks.

Surely, it’s time to resurrect “Dynasty” and bring back the grand divas Joan Collins, Linda Evans and Locklear for a “Dynasty 2.0” TV


]]> “Sure, yeah, I

would love it,” Collins admitted to us this week. “I just think that it’s up to some
clever producer to say, ‘Yeah, we would love to have some women on the show who aren’t just 25.’

“Everyone looks 25 on TV these days,” she noted with humor. “The girls that are 16 look 25 and the women who are 40 look 25.”

See Joan Collins still looking hot on the beach at age 76! 

But a new “Dynasty” would make perfect sense. After all, ’80s-era big shoulder pads are back in a big way. 

So why not bring back these hot cougars as flamboyant aunts or grandmothers — still manipulative after all these years — and then cast hot young babes as their daughters, nieces and/or granddaughters. 

Learn from the best, girls.

Collins has no ideas on the casting of the young ones.  “We do live in a celebrity-fueled culture, although many of them are not going to stay celebs very long,” Collins said, adding, “I’m not being bitchy here, but there are many people on the magazine covers that I have never heard of.”

Well put, Joan.

The Dish Rag talked to the legendary British actress this week about her exclusive one-woman show about her long film career and fascinating life on Friday at the Carpenter Performing Arts Center in Long Beach. 

Click here for ticket information and show description.

“It is a look at my life with me doing a narration,” said Collins, who has worked with the most famous actors in history, explains.

 “Behind me is a nonstop screen with photos from my life, movie clips, home movies, outtakes from films that I have done. I talk about my stage beginnings, at age 9, and when I started in the movies at age16, 17, when I was always playing the bad little girl who got into trouble, who later grew into Alexis.”

I’m telling ya, someone needs to hop on this “Dynasty” redux fast. 

Think of the delish Alexis one-liners!

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead