joan-rivers-handcuffed-costco-pics-gi-88.jpgCostco is keeping Joan Rivers new book out of its stores, but it can’t seem to keep the comedian herself away. During a one-woman protest Tuesday (Aug. 7), Rivers handcuffed herself to a shopping cart at a Burbank, Calif., Costco, reports TMZ.

Rivers claims Costco banned her book “I Hate Everything … Starting with Me” because of some racy jokes on the back cover, and she believes it’s undeserved censorship.

“Costco should not be like Nazi Germany. Next thing they’ll be burning the Bible,” the comedian yelled through a bullhorn before handcuffing herself to someone’s shopping cart inside the store.

Management called the police, who asked her to leave, which she did. But everyone had a good laugh about it — even the cops. 

Posted by:Jennifer Harper