joan rivers gi Joan Rivers: 'Johnny Carson was a hurtful liar'

Joan Rivers has written a guest piece for THR, wherein she mostly whines about why she had it so rough as a female coming up in a comedy world dominated by white males.
Most notably, she calls the late Johnny Carson a liar, and says his behavior hurt her career.
Joan claims when she got offered her own late night talk show after 18 years of being under Johnny’s wing, he was the first call she made. Rivers says Carson hung up on her, then told the press Joan never called him.
“To this day, I’m very angry about that,” Rivers writes. “Don’t f***in’ lie. You’re making, what, $300 million a year? What are you talking about?” 
Joan says she and Johnny never spoke again, despite numerous attempts on her part. The comedienne and TV host claims she still pays the price for the impression her “breakup” with Johnny left on the industry.
“Even now, with our reality show ‘Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best?’ or ‘Fashion Police,’ when I say, ‘No, this is wrong,’ people say: ‘See? She is a b****. She is a c***,'” Joan writes. “If I were a man, they’d say: ‘So brilliant. He’s tough, but he’s right.’ Nobody ever says to me, ‘You’re right.'”
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