joan rivers godaddy com super bowl getty Joan Rivers' Super Bowl brawls: Christina Aguilera, Kim Kardashian and GoDaddy costars

While we’re all sobering up after Sunday’s (Feb. 7) Super Bowl festivities, Joan Rivers is already on the defensive.
She’s coming out swinging at Christina Aguilera’s fail of a national anthem and she’s saying that her commercial costars Jillian Michaels of “The Biggest Loser” and original GoDaddy girl and racecar driver Danica Patrick just hated being upstaged.
“How stupid can you get?” Joan tells Popeater about the pop star’s mistake. “Christina must have been thinking about food, that’s why she forgot the words.”
Joan Rivers suggested what Aguilera may have had on her mind. “O say can you see … French fries,” the “Joan Knows Best” star joked. “She’s gotten so big.” 
She then adds, “She looks like she could eat Lady Gaga. Great way to get rid of competition.” 
And, on the reactions to her commercial, Rivers points out that Kim Kardashian tweeted, “B***h,” which backfired obviously, since the comment really made Joan’s day.
And when it comes to her shapely costars in the promo, Joan jokes that they had it in for her.
“The two girls, Jillian and… Danica, well they’ve turned out to be haters,” she tells Access Hollywood. “They put eggs in my bra. They were just doing mean things,” Joan laughs. “Go look at the GoDaddy website, you’ll see what those b***hes are doing to me. Not nice. A bunch of trannies!”
Obviously, driving traffic to is in the contract!
Posted by:Jethro Nededog