nick-swisher-joanna-garcia-swisher.jpgJoAnna Garcia Swisher has her iPod at the ready, whenever the New York Yankees are playing, while filming her new series.

The obvious reason is to check on her husband of one-and-a-half years, Nick Swisher, a right-fielder for the team. He’s now in the thrust of his professional season as she begins work on “Animal Practice,” NBC’s veterinary-clinic comedy series that gets an early launch during the network’s Summer Olympics coverage Sunday, Aug. 12.

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“It’s sort of what our life has been like since we met,” the lively Garcia Swisher tells Zap2it about the way she and her spouse deal with their simultaneously active careers. “People ask us how it works, and it’s the easiest thing we’ve ever done. Somehow, it just works for us, and I feel very blessed to have him.

“The highs are so much higher with him in my life, and the lows aren’t as low,” adds the “Reba” and “Privileged” alum. “I treasure him, and I’m grateful for him. He’s truly my No. 1, and in our relationship and our lives, he is the most important thing to me.

“I’ve had to toe the line with my career in that regard, but it’s been worth every bit of it. We came in with a lot of mutual respect and support, and we love what we do, so that’s something we’ve never questioned.”

On occasion, the two careers have merged … as when the baseball star did a guest shot on his wife’s previous sitcom, ABC’s “Better With You.” Might he eventually need some pet-related counsel from her new character, once “Animal Practice” starts its regular weekly run Wednesday, Sept. 26?

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“I don’t know,” she says with a laugh, “though he certainly does love our little menagerie of animals on the set. I’m always open to it. He worked really hard the last off-season, with training and all of that, and I think this next off-season will be very similar. If he can pencil us into his schedule, maybe we’ll find a place for him.”

Posted by:Jay Bobbin