joaquin phoenix Joaquin Phoenix's album is a 'Beatles, Oasis, Bowie style' masterpiece. Seriously?
In 2007, before Joaquin Phoenix quit acting, grew a beard, dubbed himself a hip-hop star, and infamously appeared on David Letterman’s show, he recorded an album that he didn’t release.
We know what you’re thinking, “Thank heavens.”
But the musician that worked on it with Phoenix dubs it a “Beatles, Oasis, Bowie-style” masterpiece.

]]>The L.A. musician Julian Shah-Taylor explained to E! why Phoenix didn’t let the world know how brilliant he really is.  

“He’s accomplished just about everything anyone could accomplish as an artist. So coming out with a brilliant album of great music would not surprise anybody, and I think that’s maybe why he didn’t release it…And I think it’s better to have some secrets, and I think Joaquin’s secret is his prodigious music talent.”
Secret. Right. What do you think? 
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