Jodie Sweetin is indirectly denying rumors she landed back in drug rehab following her split from husband Morty Coyle, while simultaneously giving an online nod to her character Stephanie Tanner from ABC’s 80s and 90s hit show “Full House.” 
Sweetin posted a video on the website Who Say along with this message: “I started off the week with ridiculous rumors. How rude! I’m so grateful for your support, and now I want to see what you think is RUDE. Post your pics and vids with #howrude and I’ll repost!”
In the video, Sweetin tells fans, “You know what I think is really rude, is reading articles about yourself that are totally not true. How rude.”
Sweetin chronicled her experiences with drug addiction in her 2009 memoir, “unSweetined,” in which she admits to taking methamphetamine, cocaine and ecstasy.
Posted by:mchance