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Regular people declare their love for pop stars every day — but rarely do they get a rejection and an acceptance quite like this one. Pepperdine University senior Shaina Kohl invited singer (and sometimes actor) Joe Jonas to her spring formal via a YouTube video. Unfortunately, he turned her down… in sort of a bizarre way.

While Kohl was hanging out outside of the “Today” show, Jonas approached her in disguise. When he removed his wig and glasses, he told her he couldn’t attend her formal, because he has plans this Saturday. Luckily, he’s still interested, so he played her the video clip below to invite her to the opening night of the upcoming Jonas Brothers tour.

“Hello you little thing, you. You little sassy thing, you. It’s your friend, Joe,” he says in the clip. “I have a proposition for you. On July 10, in Chicago, Illinois, I would like to fly you out, escort you to my concert of the opening tour … I want you front row, or on stage, your choice. We will have an amazing time together.”

Watch the clip below if you’re not too prone to excruciating second-hand embarrassment.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie