joe jonas getty 2 Joe Jonas' 'See No More': What do you think of his new single?Nick stepped out on his own with Nick Jonas and the Administration in 2009, and now it’s big bro Joe Jonas‘ turn to detour from the Jonas Brothers. Joe’s first single, “See No More,” debuted Friday to mixed reactions. But can Joe’s solo efforts fill the pop void left by Justin Timberlake, Serious Actor?

The answer is a definite maybe. “See No More,” co-written with Chris Brown, discards some of the pop riffs that made the Jonas Brothers’ music so Disney Channel friendly, while maintaining a catchy hook and turning up the R&B beat. Brown’s influence is clearly heard.

As for lyrical content, Jonas doesn’t go too racy with this first single — no teenage girls will be scandalized. It’s pretty a pretty standard tale of break-up woe.

Give the song a listen below. Is it worthy of your summer playlist? Give us your two cents in the comments section!

SeeNoMore(Radio) by TheProphetBlog

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie