Joe-Namath.jpgHBO has a new documentary about football star Joe Namath. “Namath: Beaver Falls to Broadway” which will air on Saturday (Jan. 28) takes a look at Broadway Joe’s life and features excerpts from over 15 hours of interviews between Namath and producers from HBO Sports and NFL Films.

Namath takes us through his life, chatting about some of his famous exploits back in the days when he wore fur coats on the sidelines and dated models, and goes deep into his lifelong struggle with alcohol, according to Sports Illustrated. He candidly reveals his life story with humor and emotion and gives us a look at what made him larger than life to football fans.

and NFL films interviewed Namath’s friends, former teammates and reporters for the documentary, and included images from his childhood
in Beaver Falls, Penn., and footage from his time at the University of
Alabama and his Jets career.

“I can remember sitting in a movie theater back in Beaver Falls back
when I was 10, 11, 12, whatever the age, and vicariously living through
the people I see on the screen,” Namath said, talking about his return to Beaver Falls for a 50th anniversary celebration of his high school state championship team. Then to have that actually
happen to me…Something’s been guiding me around throughout my life,” he added. “I keep saying I’m just a lucky guy.”

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