john carter poster 'John Carter': Final trailer is full of fight, flight and aliens‘John Carter’ opens in theaters on March 9th and we’ve got the final trailer for you. In it, we get a chance to see Carter (Taylor Kitsch) (along with his lovely physique) fighting for peace on Mars. Yes, we know Mars is actually cold, but this film is based on a book that is a century old this year.

In fact, this series of books influenced films like “Star Wars” and other classics of sci-fi, and film makers like Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. There is even a ship that looks a tiny bit like the Millennium Falcon.

Check out the trailer and let us know what you think. You’ve got to love the Carter vs. giant white ape gladiator fight at the end. It’s pretty spectacular. Check out the book it’s based on as well. It’s “A Princess of Mars,” so you can give thanks to author Edgar Rice Burroughs for years of wonderful sci-fi.

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