john carter sb teaser 'John Carter': Watch a small piece of Disney's Super Bowl adWhen the product you’re trying to tease is, in itself, a teaser, the teaser for the teaser is going to be really short.

So it is with this preview of the Super Bowl ad for “John Carter,” the big-budget Disney movie starring Taylor Kitsch that hits theaters on March 9. The nine seconds of footage from the movie features exactly 10 words of dialogue — Carter wonders “Where am I?” and  Lynn Collins‘ character asks “You are John Carter of Earth?” “Yes” — along with a few glimpses of aliens and the Martian landscape, with a Zeppelin-esque score pulsing in the background.

There’s also another teaser within the teaser’s teaser. When the real “John Carter” spot airs during the Super Bowl on Sunday (Feb. 5), fans will get a code that lets them enter a sweepstakes to win a trip to the 2013 Super Bowl in New Orleans.

Here’s the teasing teaser. You’ll get a little bigger taste of the film (or so we hope) on Sunday.

Posted by:Rick Porter