john galliano John Galliano rehab bound after being dismissed by Dior

Color us not at all shocked.

After Christian Dior announced on Tuesday (Mar. 1) that they were parting ways with their chief designer John Galliano, friends of the troubled 50-year-old say he has finally been persuaded to go to rehab.

The NY Times reports that Galliano’s friends (who wished to remain anonymous, naturally) believe pressure from the fashion industry and his fashion house have caused him to breakdown.

Someone who would speak out publicly was Dior’s jewelry designer, Victoire de Castellane, who said, “It’s terrible and pathetic at the same
time. I never knew that he had such thoughts in him. Or that he so
needed help.”

In case you’ve been too preoccupied with Charlie Sheen’s seemingly endless shenanigans, here’s a quick rundown on the Galliano situation: The designer was arrested on Feb. 24 after he allegedly assaulted a couple and using anti-Semitic slurs. Dior then suspended him pending the conclusion of the authorities’ investigation. Cue a video of Galliano’s rant, which included Galliano telling the woman, “I love Hitler. People like you would be dead.” Dior then officially fired him.

One of Galliano’s colleagues says he may fight his dismissal from Dior and has reportedly hired London lawyer Gerrard Tyrrell.

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