john goodman saturday night live taran killam promo John Goodman is going to sing in his 'Saturday Night Live' monologue, right?John Goodman is hosting “Saturday Night Live” for the 13th time on Dec. 14. He’s currently promoting his new Coen Brothers film, “Inside Llewyn Davis,” about a folk singer in 1960s Greenwich Village. “SNL” is fond of musical monologues. Put two and two together: Don’t you think it’s a safe assumption that he’ll sing in the opener?

This isn’t a prediction based on much more than common sense, but it is something we’d like to see in the show. Also welcome: cameos from any of Goodman’s “ILD” costars, especially that cute cat (or that cute Oscar Isaac, that works too).

Behind Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin, Goodman has the most “SNL” host notches on his belt, so they’ll probably bring in some big-gun old-timer guest stars in addition to some of Goodman’s co-stars. Goodman has also appeared in some of “SNL’s” most iconic sketches over the years, so hopefully we’ll see more of those, too.

Kings of Leon are the musical guest.

What do you hope to see on Goodman’s 13th “Saturday Night Live”?

Posted by:Jean Bentley