"Mad Men" hottie Jon Hamm used to wait tables in Venice, downtown L.A. and West Hollywood?

He tells Vanity Fair, "I've probably been a waiter longer than I've

really been anything else. Or I'm probably coming up on even. But

barely. I quit waiting tables when I was 29." He’s now 38.

He worked at a lot of places in L.A.: 72 Market Street, down in Venice (it's no longer there), and Ciudad downtown.

"I still have

people I know that work there," he admits.

He also worked at Café Med in Sunset Plaza.

He describes the

Hollywood Hills, Sunset Strip scene: "Like Paul Stanley would stumble down

from his house in the Hills and have lunch. Then a kind of European

crowd would roll in. It was a great place to work, but my tenure there

was very brief."

Darn. I've eaten there for years. I can't believe I missed him …

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Photo: Vanity Fair

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead