So many celebrities have been dumping buckets of ice water over their heads to raise money and awareness for the ALS Association. The latest well-known actor to support the cause is  John Krasinski, who decided to not only accept the challenge himself, but to get his adorable wife Emily Blunt in on the action too.

As we know, the couple that plays together, stays together, so when John tried to complete the task with just a mug full of water, Blunt surprised him with a huge bucketful. So to return the favor, John ambushed his wife when it appears she was just getting home from a grocery run.

When Blunt was asked to nominate someone, she chose comedian Stephen Merchant, who co-created the British version of “The Office,” as well as worked on NBC’s American version with Krasinski. The Ice Bucket Challenge was
first issued by 29-year-old ALS patient Peter Frates, who asked his
friends and family to follow his lead.

Since that time, the challenge has gone viral with hundreds of videos
popping up online and over $20 million donated to the ALS Association.
Zap2it has collected some of the very best celebrity challenge videos for you in
this super cool roundup. To find out how you can donate, you can
visit the ALS Association here.

Posted by:Sarah Huggins