john malkovich rescue bleeding man toronto gi John Malkovich rescues elderly man whose throat was slashed

“Red 2” star John Malkovich is being lauded for the rescue of an elderly man who was bleeding from the neck. Ohio resident Jim Walpole, 77, had just wrapped a cross-Canada train trip with his wife Marilyn Walpole, 79, when he tripped off a curb in front of his hotel, falling on a piece of scaffolding that gashed his throat.
According to a report by the Toronto Star, retired nurse Marilyn yelled for help, worried her husband was cut on the carotid artery or jugular vein. 
Chris Mathias, a doorman at the Walpoles’ hotel who also helped with the rescue effort, describes the rescue effort. “I believe [Malkovich] was having a cigarette and witnessed the whole thing happening,” Mathias says. “He placed his hand and started applying pressure to the man’s neck, didn’t let go until the ambulance arrived.”
Walpole, now back in Ohio, tells the Star, “I’m forever grateful to [Malkovich]; he really helped me out.” Walpole wasn’t aware of the two-time Oscar-nominated actor’s identity during the trauma, but is sure to be a fan now. “I never had the opportunity to see him and thank him after the incident,” Walpole says of Malkovich. “I asked him what his name was and he said it was John.”
Malkovich is currently based in Toronto, starring as Casanova in “The Giacomo Variations” at the Elgin Theatre. The play opens with Casanova having a stroke and nearly dying. Not quite an example of life imitating art, but a scary situation all the same. Here’s the trailer for the play, written by Michael Sturminger:
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