According to John Mayer, Michael Jackson was the ’80s.

He writes on — because there's just not enough room on Twitter — about the highlights of that decade: “A Rubik's Cube, 3-D glasses and Michael Jackson.”

But he has more deep thoughts.

]]>"Michael Jackson proves, in a really sort of perverse way, that maybe we're not as offended by behavior as we are entranced by music. And think about that. Think about what level of quality you must have to attain to have somebody say, "I know that you're accused of having molested children, but I can't hate you for that as much as I love you for your music.”

OK, was that an insult or just seriously insensitive?

Mayer sums up: “There's just one Michael Jackson now. We don't have to reconcile the Michael Jackson we love with another Michael Jackson. In a way, he has returned to pristine condition in death. We can be free now for the rest of our lives to love the Michael Jackson we used to love.”

Do you agree? Or is pompous, pretentious Mayer off the wall, as usual?

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead