john mayer hair cut before after 2012 John Mayer gets a hair cut after Katy Perry breakupIt never fails. Sometimes after a rough breakup (or a not-so-rough breakup, as the case may be), it’s time for a change. After spending a few months looking like a poor man’s unshowered Johnny Depp, complete with an inexplicable hat we’re pretty sure he purchased from a truckstop in one of the Dakotas, John Mayer got a makeover.

Gone are his long greasy locks and wispy prepubescent mustache! His body isn’t quite the wonderland it used to be, but Mayer is definitely getting there now that he’s gotten a hair cut and solved his facial hair problem. The new look comes on the heels of a rumored break-up from Katy Perry, Mayer’s rumored girlfriend of a rumor-filled few months.

Or so rumor would have it.

Mayer debuted the new look at a cocktail party for Mindy Kaling’s new FOX comedy, “The Mindy Project.” We hope this means he’ll make a guest appearance on the show as a sexy male nurse or a smarmy matchmaker or someone Mindy meets on J-Date. (We’re not picky.)

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie