John McCain got in the first jab, accusing Barack Obama of negative campaigning, during last night’s final presidential debate.

Is he serious? Or deep-down, does John really know he’s lying? Maybe that’s why he blinks so darn much.

Maybe his blinks are Morse code translated to:


Obama countered, charging McCain with running "100%" negative ads. McCain insisted that Obama spent more money on negative ads than any campaign in history.

Really? Has anyone seen those Obama McCain-attacking  ads? The only videos I’ve seen are attacks on McCain’s political stands, not his character. But maybe I missed some.

Last night, McCain finally used the terrorist word, referencing Bill Ayers, a member of the violent Weather Underground in the 1960s, who hosted a meet-the-candidate event for Obama in an Illinois race many years later.

Obama got in a zinger when he noted, "The fact that this has become such an important part of your campaign, Sen. McCain, says more about your campaign than it says about me."

What do you think? Who has run the more negative campaign? John McCain or Barack Obama?

To refresh your memory, check out these videos.


Posted by:Elizabeth Snead