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Last Friday, I braved the baking heat of Burbank to visit the former NBC HQ (much of the operation has moved to new digs in Universal City) for a photo shoot with John O’Hurley,  winner of the first and only "Dancing With the Stars" dance-off, current host of the syndicated "Family Feud", and the annual co-anchor (with canine expert David Frei) of the wildly popular NBC broadcast of the National Dog Show, airing Thanksgiving Day.

I’ll be doing a syndicated feature story on that show, which I plan to link here. O’Hurley also brought me up to date on some of his literary, musical and business ventures (click here for his official Web site). When I dig into that material, I’ll do another post, but in the meantime, NBC was kind enough to give me a sneak peek at one of the photos from the shoot.

O’Hurley is posing with a representative of the newest breed (though hardly a new breed) to receive full American Kennel Club recognition. The Dogue de Bordeaux, also known as the French mastiff, becomes the 158th breed recognized by the AKC.

There were two on scene, the large male you see in the picture, and a slightly smaller female who became my new best friend after I scratched behind her ears — that is, until the next person walked into the room.

I tried not to take that personally.

Also on hand for the shoot were O’Hurley’s wife, Lisa Mesloh, a fellow avid golfer (here’s a piece about his golf-course proposal and their wedding), and their son, Will.

At not quite two, he just may be the cutest kid ever. (Notice I said "may." No angry letters and floods of cute baby pictures, please. Jars of diced peaches, however, are always welcome.)

Not on hand were two of O’Hurley’s dogs that I had met at earlier photo shoots. Maltese Scoshi is quite elderly, and sadly, O’Hurley recently lost Betty, a dachshund/Lab mix that he had rescued from a lifeNds_left_image_2

as a stray.

But two more members have been added to the O’Hurley family, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (Blenheim, or red and white) and a Havanese that spent most of its time serenely cradled like a baby in the crook of Lisa’s arm.

It’s a dog’s life, indeed.

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