With John Oliver set to debut his own show on HBO in 2014, his seven-and-a-half-year run on “The Daily Show” came to an end Thursday (Dec. 19). Oliver appeared one last time to talk about British phone tapping, or so he thought.
It turned out the entire bit was a ruse to get him at the desk so host Jon Stewart could bid a proper farewell to the correspondent. Oliver was caught off-guard when he realized the jokes they’d written for the segment were for nothing. “Are we not doing the bit?” he asked Stewart. “F***!”
What played out instead was a retrospective of Oliver’s tenure on the show, including times he got politicians to admit to mind-boggling things, like how they measure success in re-elections. Of course, there were also more than enough clips of Oliver overdoing his British accent and making a fool of himself, which will be sorely missed on the show.
By the time the segment came to a close, Oliver had tears in his eyes, but Stewart knew exactly how to fix that. He cued up the Carlos Danger song one more time as the men danced into a commercial break.
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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