john stamos olivia munn virginity gi John Stamos reveals when Olivia Munn lost her virginity

“Necessary Roughness” isn’t the only thing John Stamos has going on these days. The former Uncle Jesse is also launching his own web series on Yahoo called “Losing It With John Stamos.” The show has a simple premise: Stamos sits down with celebrities to talk about losing their virginity.
John spoke to E! News about some of the people he’s talked to for the show so far. “[Bob] Saget has done it, Olivia Munn was fantastic,” he says. That’s right, Stamos sat down with Munn to talk about her first sexual experience.
“Olivia was really good,” Stamos shares, “because she spoke really well about women and she waited until she was in love. She was 18 and it was interesting. I think it’s going to get a lot of attention.” Thankfully, he doesn’t talk about Saget’s first time. Knowing how vulgar the comedian’s act usually is, it’s probably pretty vulgar.
Stamos is working on the show with documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock and assures the audience “It’s not dirty or anything. It’s just sort of about what people were feeling at that time in their lives. Was it a loss of innocence, was it inconsequential, was it the most important thing?”

“Losing It With John Stamos” is scheduled to premiere later in the year.
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