john-travolta-sexual-battery-lawsuit-gay-pics-photos-sex-men-spas-getty.jpgIf you see John Travolta out and about doing the dance from “Saturday Night Fever,” he’s just celebrating another legal victory. A Los Angeles Superior Court judge dismissed a defamation lawsuit on Thursday (Sept. 27) against the actor and his lawyer, Martin Singer, filed by Robert Randolph, the author of “You’ll Never Spa in This Town Again.”

According to the New York Daily News, Randolph claims Travolta and his lawyer defamed him when Singer wrote a letter to in response to a story about the book. Singer’s letter stated that Randolph had suffered brain damage and was put in a mental institution. However, the judge deemed Randolph’s defamation suit “meritless,” as the letter was a legitimate part of a dispute over the book and, in turn, protected under the First Amendment.

“It was a fair and just result,” lawyer Todd Eagan, who represents Travolta and Singer, tells the New York Daily News.  

The book, which details Travolta’s alleged gay trysts in spas, came out in February, three months before two male masseurs filed sexual assault lawsuits against the actor and then later dropped their claims. 

Posted by:Jennifer Harper