john travolta sexual battery getty John Travolta denies sexually assaulting cruise worker Fabian ZanziA month after former Royal Caribbean employee Fabian Zanzi filed a lawsuit against John Travolta for allegedly sexually assaulting him, the actor responded in documents filed Friday (Aug. 3), denying Zanzi’s claims.

Zazi accused the “Savages” star of “forcefully embracing” him while naked on a cruise in 2009. According to E! News, Travolta admits he was a passenger on the cruise but denies engaging in any misconduct with Zanzi, who was supposedly Travolta’s personal suite attendant on the cruise.

Zanzi’s lawsuit also alleges that Travolta offered to pay him $12,000 to stay silent about the incident. Travolta denies the hush-money accusation.  

The actor is asking for the suit to be dismissed and for Zanzi to pay Travolta’s attorney’s fees.

Posted by:Jennifer Harper