john-travolta-sexual-assault-getty-images.jpgFabian Zanzi, a former cruise ship worker, has filed a lawsuit in Federal court accusing John Travolta of sexual assault aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise ship in 2009.

Zanzi says Travolta accosted him when he was delivering a meal to the actor’s room aboard the ship on June 9, 2009, reports the New York Daily News. According to court documents, Travolta was dressed in a robe and allegedly complained that the tag was chafing his neck. When Zanzi reached for the neck to help him, he says Travolta dropped his robe and “forced his naked person and his erect penis” against him.

“Travolta stated to (Zanzi) that he was beautiful and asked (him) to ‘take me, I will take care of you, please,'” the lawsuit claims. Zanzi says Travolta offered him $12,000 for his “discretion” and “silence.” Zanzi says he was confined to his cabin for five days after alerting his superiors to the incident.

Travolta’s lawyers question the fact that Zanzi didn’t include the inappropriate contact in a report he made in 2009 and wonder why he’s just bringing the case to court now, three years after the fact.

Two similar cases against Travolta were recently withdrawn — one was settled out of court and the other was ended when lawyers provided evidence proving Travolta was not in California on the day the alleged assault took place.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson