John Travolta finally revealed in a Bahamian courtroom

what he was never able to say publicly when his son, Jett, was alive.

"He was autistic," Travolta told the court during the extortion trial. "He

suffered from a seizure disorder."

Travolta said Jett suffered seizures every five to 10 days

and that each seizure lasted around 45 seconds. Jett would often sleep for 12

hours after an episode.

Earlier today, the actor described the events on Jan. 2, the

day of his son’s death.

]]>Jett's nanny awakened Travolta and Kelly Preston at roughly 10:15 a.m., the actor said, telling them Jett was unconscious in his bathroom.

One of Jett’s caretakers was already performing chest compressions. Travolta began administering CPR to his son, whom he also acknowledged on the stand had not only Kawasaki disease but also autism.

The trial concerns extortion charges against Pleasant Bridgewater, a former senator, and Tarino Lightbourne, an ambulance driver, who are alleged to have attempted to extort $25 million from Travolta in connection with his son's death.

Bahamian officials arrested in Travolta extortion scheme!

What kind of creeps would try to extort money from a grieving family?

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