John Travolta told a Bahamian court today that former senator Pleasant Bridgewater and local paramedic Tarino Lightbourne asked him to give them $25 million, or else they would sell the media their story blaming him for his son Jett's death.

Travolta told the court that although he was not in touch with the two men, he learned about the proposed extortion from his intermediaries.

Unless he coughed up hush money, he said, Bridgewater and Lightbourne would go public with a document he signed that withheld treatment for Jett at a local hospital. 

Travolta explained that he initially wanted his son flown to Florida for treatment after his son suffered a seizure at their vacation home in the Bahamas.

Both defendants have pleaded not guilty.

Do you think they tried to shake down Travolta? 

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead