johnny depp jonah hill 21 jump street 550 Johnny Depp and Jonah Hill's crossed wires on '21 Jump Street' cameo

Johnny Depp has been saying since last year that he’d totally do a cameo in the “21 Jump Street” flick based on the eighties series that made him famous. Yet, apparently writer Jonah Hill (who acted in “Superbad” and “Knocked Up”) hasn’t reached out to him about it.
“I’ve said I’m into it, but no one’s actually approached me,” Depp tells MTV while promoting his new film, “The Tourist.” And when he was told that Hill has already written in a part for him, he added, “Call him. I’m in. I’m in.”
So, how is it that Hill hasn’t gotten the message? According to the article, as recently as last month, Hill apparently joked about Depp not signing on yet, saying, “Just do it, dude. Don’t be an a–hole.”
If you ask us, this sounds like an old-fashioned “he said, he said.” Either something is keeping Depp from signing on or Hill needs to pick up the phone… 
Posted by:Jethro Nededog