johnny depp Johnny Depp dead? Just another stupid Web hoax

Johnny Depp is NOT dead.
Reports on the Web and on Twitter about actor Johnny Depp’s car being found alongside a road in Bordeaux are just a total hoax. So breathe easy, Depp fans.
The fictional news story was made out of a CNN report: 
Johnny Depp dies after fatal car crash
Alcohol is most likely involved.

The wreckage of Johnny Depp’s car after colliding with the guard rail.
BORDEAUX, France (CNN) — Johnny Depp’s car was found along side a road outside Bordeaux, France, with the guard rail embedded deep inside the car.

Yeah, right. Here’s the fake CNN report. And note the date. A Depp-give-away, huh? 


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Photo credit: WireImage

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead