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This comment just in from a reader in-the-know in response to an earlier Hollywood Bytes item about Johnny Depp’s legal skirmish with the West Hollywood City Council regarding a development planned  beneath his Hollywood Hills property that will impact the view of Sunset Strip for his kids.

"I have a real problem with reporters who write articles that are
inaccurate because the reporters are behind the times or did not do the
proper research.  Johnny and Vanessa are not raising their kids who are
4 and 7 (not 4 & 6) in France.  Their daughter attends school in
LA.  And they’ve been living in the West Hollywood house for almost two
years.  There are exceptions, such as when Vanessa and the kids visit
Johnny on location.  But, their residence has been West Hollywood, NOT

I suggest that, not just the person who wrote this article, but ALL
"reporters" get their facts absolutely straight before writing
something that could damage those they write about.   And, an article
of apology for writing inaccurate information about Johnny, Vanessa and
their kids, and where they live, would be very nice to see.  At least
someone would have the guts to eat crow and admit to the mistaken
facts.  And then, fully researching, next time, instead of going by
what every other misinformed reporter and organization says, would be a
good step in the right direction, as well." Linda

She’s absolutely right. I owe Linda, Johnny, Vanessa and everyone in the universe an apology for writing that the retail project developers’ legal defense against Depp’s suit was/is that his kids are being raised in France. Except that really is what their defense claims. I didn’t claim it. They did.

Frankly – and i think we can all agree here – the happy news that the Depp family has been firmly ensconced in West Hollywood for two years and that their daughter (age 7, not 6) attends school here is cause for a WeHo-wide celebration!

Forget the city’s Gay Pride big celebration this weekend. Let’s have a Depp Pride party! And let’s hope that this revelation brings about a successful outcome for the Depp family suit against the West Hollywood City Council’s decison to support those demonic developers.

Photo Credit: Longtime West Hollywood resident Johnny Depp parties at the Mont Blanc 100th Anniversary celebration in Geneva, Switzerland on April 5th, 2006. But he lives in WeHo, dammit!  And don’t you forget it!
WireImage/Tony Barson

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