johnny depp gi 87 Johnny Depp is not dead   it's gonna be OKYou really don’t need to click “Like” on a Facebook page to pay your condolences to Johnny Depp. Mainly because he’s still alive.

So, tell your friend from freshman year homeroom this is just another one of those all too popular celebrity death hoaxes.

Though it’s not the first time Johnny has been social media fodder in connection with an unconfirmed death report, this one seems to have stemmed from a legitimate incident. A crew member perished last month after an apparent heart attack during production prep on the set of “The Lone Ranger,” which stars Depp as Tonto. The death took place in Los Angeles, while Johnny was in New York.

Now that you’ve come down off what was assuredly an emotional roller coaster, comfort yourself with another look at a very much living, very much breathing “Kemosabe” in Jerry Bruckheimer‘s “The Lone Ranger” trailer.

Posted by:mchance