johnny depp jimmy kimmel kiss Johnny Depp kisses Jimmy Kimmel, says he didn't kiss girls in high schoolYes, you’re seeing the above photo correctly. Johnny Depp. Kissing Jimmy Kimmel. On the lips. Now that’s what we call a bromance! 

While promoting his upcoming movie “The Lone Ranger” on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Monday night (July 1), Depp surprised viewers, the audience, and the host alike when he went in for a smooch after Kimmel complimented him on his “handsome” and “beautiful” face. The unexpected lip-lock — as well as a peck on the cheek — definitely flustered the late-night host … and who could blame him?

But perhaps the most surprising part of Depp’s appearance on “JKL” was his admission that while he was feeling generous with kisses now, he wasn’t always such a heartbreaker. When Kimmel said that was more kissing than he did in all of high school, Depp replied, “Me too.”  

Watch the full video of the exchange below, and try to contain your jealousy. It’s not Kimmel’s fault Depp was feeling amorous! 

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum