johnny depp scarf Johnny Depp preps for paparazzi on 'Accidental Tourist' setAt Saturday’s (Feb. 20) Los Angeles press conference for Tim Burton‘s amazing new film, “Alice in Wonderland,” Johnny Depp was asked how the filming for “The Accidental Tourist” — with Angelina Jolie — is going.

“We haven’t started yet,” he replied. 
“When do you start?” pressed the reporter.
“Tuesday, I think,” Depp said, sounding unsure, which made the conference crowd chuckle.
Burton, seated next to him, turned to his pal Depp and asked, “How do you think it’s going to go?” which no doubt would have been the reporter’s next question.

]]>“I think it’s going to go just fine,” Depp said with a grin, adding, “I think there are going to be a lot of paparazzi,” most likely referring to a) his and Angelina’s presence and/or b) the pap swarms trailing Angelina, Brad Pitt and their brood, (reported to be on vacation in Venice) around the watery byways the Italian city.

He’s a funny guy, that Johnny. But he’s right, the star wattage of these two filming a movie together is a sure-fire draw for international paparazzi.
Photo credit: WireImage