johnnydepp atworldsend 290 Johnny Depp's 'Pirates' will sail 'On Stranger Tides'Disney announced the title for the fourth “Pirates of the Caribbean” at its D23 expo: Capt. Jack Sparrow’s next adventure will be “On Stranger Tides.”

So what do we know? “On Stranger Tides” is the title of a 1987 book by Tim Powers, one of our favorite authors. The story, though, seems a bit pedestrian for an accomplished scoundrel like Jack Sparrow: A young puppeteer named Jack Shandy is pressed into service as a pirate and must eventually take on Blackbeard to save his lady love.

Of course, the book also includes voodoo and the Fountain of Youth, the second of which had already been rumored to be Sparrow’s goal in a potential fourth “Pirates” chapter.

Powers’ publicist wouldn’t comment other than to refer us back to Disney, so we’re cautiously optimistic. Beyond that, all we know is that Johnny Depp is on board — he attended the title’s announcement, apparently “sailing in” on a pirate ship — and that Rob Marshall is in talks to direct.

In other D23 news, Robert Zemeckis has been officially confirmed as director of a “Yellow Submarine” remake. Rather than cartoon animation, the new version will be 3D performance capture.

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Posted by:Andy Grieser