Johnny-Weir-fashion-Main.jpgThere’s no arguing that Johnny Weir has style.

He takes it to the ice with his costumes and if you watch his reality show, “Be Good Johnny Weir” on the Sundance Channel, you’d know that his style extends itself to the every day, as well.

“You could totally express who you are,” Weir tells Zap2it. “And the way you think and the mood you’re in by what you put on your back. I love that.”

For Weir, the transition from figure skating to fashion is an obvious one.

“I feel like skating is an art form and fashion is an art form,” he says. “Naturally, so many skaters are into fashion and we wear costumes and glitter and makeup and hair. Everything is always done. It’s natural to be involved in some way in the fashion world and I just grew to love it as a collector.”

]]>“I’d love to do a line,” explains Weir, 25. “But I need to be more educated about the fashion world. Of course I know all the dish that goes into magazines and things like that and I know that anyone can put their name on anything, but I want to be involved from the ground up: From the first sample to the runway shows and boutiques.” We wondered whether the new reality star considered taking part in any other reality shows and his eyes lit up. “I would love to be a guest judge on ‘Project Runway,’ replies Weir. “I think that would be fantastic. I know Sasha Cohen did it several years ago. She had a great time. She told me it was amazing. I can design. I can sketch. So, I’d want to see what the designers put together and what they did and judge them [laughs].” There’s more! Check out more of our interview with Johnny Weir on his fave reality TV star and more about his passion for fashion:

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