JoJo.jpgIt’s not what we’d expect from 20-year-old JoJo, but her cover of Drake‘s “Marvin’s Room” is earning plenty of buzz around the interwebs these days.

]]>released the single “Other Chick” off her third studio album, “Jumping Trains.” Based on the title alone, it’s easy to see the love-triangle theme, here. In her answer to Drake’s drunk-dialing confessions, she echoes his “I’m just sayin’ you could do better.” Read a few of her NSFW lyrics below and listen to both of the tracks. Though she’s not old enough to legally drink, we’re kind of into JoJo’s response. How about you? “I hear you got a new chick,
A dancer little barbie doll.
I feel so pathetic,
But you still haven’t heard it all.
F*** that new girl that you like so bad.
She’s not crazy like me,
I bet you like that.
I said f*** that new girl that’s been in your bed,
And when you’re in her,
I know I’m in your head.”

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci