Crookedhouse2 "Jon & Kate Plus 8" will be on hiatus until August, the L.A. Times has just reported.

Thank God!

Was anyone else bored to tears watching the repetitive and monotonous statements about their divorce made by Jon and Kate Gosselin on last night's show?

Kate tried to come off as being sad, vulnerable, suffering, but still strong, and Jon pretended that he was finally doing the manly thing by standing up to his harpy wife.

Both of them kept repeating how much they were thinking about their kids, even divorcing for their kids.


Because if they had been thinking about their kids' well-being, couldn't they have been in couples therapy for the last year, working out these relationship issues so it didn't have to come to this?

Those poor little kids.

At least they have cute Crooked Houses to play in. That was the only happy — if bittersweet — moment of the show last night.

Where to order those adorable kiddie shacks.

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead