jon bon jovi not dead proof photo.jpg Jon Bon Jovi proves he's not dead with pic: 'Heaven looks a lot like New Jersey'Twitter is still abuzz with (greatly exaggerated) rumors of Jon Bon Jovi‘s demise. Of course, the rocker is not dead — and in fact, he was happy to prove it with a photo, tweeted by his photographer friend David Bergman.

“I happened to be with Jon Bon Jovi when we heard rumors of his death. He’s alive and well and I shot this to prove it,” Bergman tweeted on Monday evening, as Bon Jovi prepared to play a charity special.

Bon Jovi grins in the photo, posing in front of a festive Christmas tree and holding a sign — on which he scrawled, “Heaven looks a lot like New Jersey!” He even helpfully dated the note to keep any funny business at bay – Dec. 19, 6:00 p.m. it is.

Bon Jovi is alive and well and his hair is still poufy and his t-shirts are still tight. Good to know.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie