Ashton-Kutcher-Two-and-a-Half-Men.jpgJon Cryer, the man who didn’t get booted from “Two and a Half Men” for calling his boss, executive producer Chuck Lorre, a “spineless rat” took to the KTLA morning show Tuesday (Aug. 9) to promote the upcoming fall season of the hit CBS comedy.

The interview hit on a variety of topics including Sheen’s tumultuous departure, the integration of Ashton Kutcher and finding out about getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

  • On Charlie Sheen’s actions: “It was a weird, it was an awful thing to be a part of.”
  • On how he dealt with the show’s upheaval: “I’m glad that some measure of peace has come out of all of it. But I never want to go through it again.”
  • On his new co-worker, Kutcher: “They’ve managed to bring in Ashton in a really terrific way. Ashton just did the show on Friday and tore the roof off the joint.”
  • On how they’re writing Sheen off the show: “I’m not allowed to say much about it … I’ll tell you it’s funny.”
  • On finding out he’s getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame: “[Growing up] I couldn’t even dream of something like that, and that that’s going to be a reality for me, has not sunk in.”

Here’s the video:


    Posted by:David Eckstein